murmuring words

When our eyes burn in the smoke of reality, dreams shatter apart. When
we cry out in agony and pain inside, the words lose its’ meaning. When hatred and ignorance are highly appreciated, love loses its value in the heart of lover. He might not stop loving but it dries up as the burning rays of a shut heart vaporizes the sweetness. Ask a dead field, it could tell you the pain of drought. The rain can splash away its hardness and make it softer unless it has turned into a desert which can bear nothing. Its no wonder that cactus holds such a motionless toxic water in a desert. But yet it is also no wonder that the sandy-sea might get us a well of life as well.

Sometimes situations are destined but yet some are created.. We might not have a handle to control the past but we do have a rein to administrate the path leading future. It is us who lead ourselves to the destination. The fault does not lie on the path or the obstacle or to the destination itself, there will always be hardship. But if we want to escape from the it, easier way is – ignoring the reality and staying in the dream land till our eyes go blank. But if we want to fight the sorrow with a softer heart and yet firm determination, we all have to stay in conscious pain and motion. This will definitely hurt but we will find peace in our heart as the great war is going on within and we choose neither to disarm nor to surrender to our limitations and fear.

I have always dreamed as I choose to dream and suffer in the pain of reality yet keep walking as I feel it burning inside till then when I can walk no more, when I can breathe no more.

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